Oripura Laptop Stand

Oripura is a uniquely simple and elegant stand for use with your laptop anywhere. It’s portable, foldable and ideal for creating an ergonomic workstation while in the office, working from home or on the go.


  • Oripura tilts the laptop to an angle that provides an easy, clear view of the screen to reduce eye and back strain.
  • Opens to optimal position and instantly provides a more comfortable work experience.
  • Lightweight, portable, foldable, and compact when collapsed.
  • Built-in cable management helps keeps busy desks neat and tidy.
  • Non-slip rubber elements along the sides and bottom keep laptops stable, and protect desk surfaces from damage.
  • Materials are 100% recyclable.
  • Suitable for laptops with 11″–16″ screen size, and weighing up to 6.2lbs.

Color : White


Dimension : 11″ H 11.5″ W 10.3″ D

Warranty : 5-year


or 3 payments of ฿563.33 with