Atlas Office Landscape

Desking that combines height adjustability and collaboration.



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Product Details

For healthier workdays ahead, the Atlas Height-Adjustable Desk moves with you at the touch of a button.


Research shows that changing from one posture to another is beneficial to our health and productivity. People who move more, feel better. And people who feel better, work better. The Atlas Desk uses electric height-adjustment and an integrated control switch to smoothly transition between sitting and standing, so you can reap these benefits without losing focus on your work. For additional ease of use, the Atlas Desk makes it possible to save custom height settings, so there’s no need to spend precious time reconfiguring your setup.


With its softly curved edges, the Atlas Desk has an organic appearance that flows effortlessly through your office space. To further complement these surroundings, it is available in a range of melamine tops and frame colors.

Technical Specifications

650 – 1250 mm (h) x 1400 mm (w) x 800 mm (d)

10-Year Warranty